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Named after a local fishing bird, Osprey is located in Sarasota County, Florida, and is a small, single neighborhood coastal town with a population estimated at 6,378 by Neighborhood Scout. According to Zillow, the median home value index is $454,000, and the median rent index is $3,030, and Zillow estimates that values will increase by 4% in the next year, indicating a healthy property management market.

While it is a small city, it excels in many areas, such as the high school graduation rate, which is currently at 95.6%, and over 46% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, ranking among the highest educated communities in the nation.

Osprey, Florida Details

Well above the national average, 90% of the workforce is white collar, with careers primarily including sales, office workers, professionals, and managers, with 10% of this workforce working from home. Of these careers, more involved areas of computers and math than 95% of cities in the United States. A city which celebrates art, it has more artists, designers, and media artists than 90% of the communities throughout the United States.

Property management firms note that this is an excellent city to live in for a variety of reasons, whether living alone, raising a family, or retiring. Osprey is a small, supportive, and stable community, which has a lot to offer its residents. The local school district scores as excellent by, and scores them as an A+ district. In addition, the high rate of college graduates living in the community results in an environment which is conducive to the success of its students. Also, with a crime rate of 64% lower than the national average, it is safer than 73% of other cities in the country.

Osprey is somewhat ethnically diverse, with a primarily White population, followed by Hispanic, Asian, etc. The most commonly spoken language is English, however, other languages used include Spanish and German, and over 17% of the population is foreign-born.

Historic Spanish Point became the first site in Sarasota County listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Spanning over 30 acres, this site is home to a turn-of-the-century homestead museum, several gardens, a chapel, nature trails, and much more. One of the largest butterfly gardens in Florida, located in Spanish Point, attracts many species of birds and insects, and is popular among photographers. What sets this museum apart from all others, however, is its archaic midden, which was made of pottery, layers of shellfish, and other artifacts. Archaeological records date this midden from the Late Archaic period, 5900-3200 years ago, through the Late Woodland period, 3200-1000 years ago, and it is believed to have been built by the Calusa Indian tribe. An exhibit entitled “A Window to the Past”, allows visitors to go inside the only archeological exhibit in the entire country that exists inside an archaic midden.

Oscar Scherer State Park is a popular place to visit for locals and visitors alike. Aside from being among the best locations in the area to view wildlife, this park offers something for everyone. Located within the park, Lake Osprey is a perfect location for swimming and fishing, as well as canoeing and kayaking, and canoes and kayaks are available for rental. Picnic areas include grills as well as pavilions, which may be reserved for a fee, and among the campsites is an area reserved for youth group camping.

A favorite among residents is Legacy Trail, a 121.5-mile trail which runs from Venice to Sarasota and is accessible within Oscar Scherer State Park. As this trail is perfectly suited for exercise enthusiasts, it is commonly used for cycling, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

Following a $4 million dollar renovation in 2015, Blackburn Point Park is not an average park. Within its 15 acres is a waterside park, including a boardwalk which crosses over water to another part of the park, fishing piers, launch areas for boats and kayaks, and plenty of parking. Picnic tables, some with covered shelters, are located throughout the park, as well as a short nature trail for walking.

Suncoast Adventure Tours and Charters offers every type of tour imaginable, available inland or on the Gulf of Mexico. Locals and visitors alike enjoy fully customizable tours, whether for an hour, a half day or even a full day. Dolphin watching, island hopping, real estate viewing, fishing, sightseeing, or watching the sunset are among the most popular tours available.

As seen above, along with all of its positive attributes, there are many historical sights to see in this quaint Florida town, one of which is the only such site in the entire United States, and many things to do. From learning about the history of the area to swimming with the dolphins, there is something for everyone here. Listed above are just a few of the many places to see and things to do. For more information, contact Keyrenter Sarasota today.

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