Property Management in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton is a gem of a town located on the Gulf coast of Florida, between Tampa and Sarasota. Named after Dr. Joseph Braden, whose home served as a refuge for settlers during early attacks by Seminole natives, the town is one of the hubs of the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton metropolitan statistical area, drawing many to its shoreline community. As the seat of Manatee County, it has plenty to offer its residents and visitors alike.

Property ManagementThe median home price for the area was recently valued at around $175,000, according to Neighborhood Scout. This puts it just below the median price for a Florida home, but slightly above the national average. If property management is one of your main reasons for residing in the Sunshine State, this town provides a solid gold opportunity.

Bradenton, Florida Details

As far as rental prices go, the average home leases for $1224 a month. These prices seem to be competitive, as renters comprise nearly half of the town’s population. The majority of the available rental units are single-family structures, although a significant percentage–just over one-third–are located in apartment complexes.

Population and Demographics

In 2016, Bradenton had roughly 54,000 permanent residents. The population is overwhelmingly white, to the tune of 78 percent. A further 15 percent identify as African American, and 11 percent are members of the Hispanic and/or Latino community. Nearly half of the population is comprised of married couples, and about 25 percent of those polled had minor children living in the home.

The median income for a family is around $42,000 a year, with the average single person earning roughly $34,000 annually. The average town resident is 42 years of age.

Things to Do

When it comes to property management, it’s important to consider the surroundings, and to emphasize what makes an area unique. In this respect (and many others), this Gulf coast community doesn’t disappoint. Here are just a few of the recreational opportunities on offer in Bradenton.

Robinson Preserve

This nature preserve is the perfect place to take advantage of the warm Gulf waters on a kayak or paddleboard tour. These tours are quite popular and often sell out, especially on weekends, but fear not–there’s plenty more to do and see here. Take a hike or pedal a bike down one of the many scenic trails or relax with a picnic lunch in the Florida sunshine.

South Florida Museum

Featuring both a state-of-the-art planetarium and an aquarium teeming with native marine life, this museum is a destination unto itself. The largest such facility on the Gulf Coast, it offers a multitude of changing exhibits, along with several permanent fixtures that guests will be eager to return to time and again. This is a must for any family with small children, but there’s plenty for adults to enjoy as well.


This 1.5-mile stretch overlooks the Manatee River, and eclectic sculptures by local artists can be viewed along the way. Multiple “outdoor living” areas invite walkers to sit back and take in the beautiful river views.

Historical Places

The Sunshine State is home to the nation’s oldest city (St. Augustine, on the Atlantic coast), but the history lessons don’t begin and end there. The Gulf coast has its own storied past and offers many opportunities to tell those stories.

DeSoto National Memorial

This memorial commemorates the 1539 landing of Hernando de Soto, and in an impressive enough fashion to secure a spot on the U.S. Register of National Historic Places. During the cooler months–December through April–the monument offers living history experiences, culminating with a complete reenactment of de Soto’s landing in Tampa. In addition to these glimpses into history, the site is also a prime bird-watching spot, with excellent hiking and picnicking opportunities.

Manatee Village Historical Park

Travel back in time to the dawn of the 20th century in this unique setting, which features a smokehouse, a blacksmith shop, and a 1913 steam engine. A must-see for any visitor or resident, the park doubles as a venue for weddings, reunions, and other special occasions.

Gamble Plantation Historic State Park

As the last remaining plantation house in the region, Gamble Plantation is a relic of the antebellum South. Judah P. Benjamin, the Confederate Secretary of State, is said to have used the mansion as a sanctuary while awaiting passage to the United Kingdom after the Civil War. Visitors can go on guided tours of the mansion on Thursdays through Mondays (tours are offered six times a day) to learn more about the history of this fascinating location.

With surroundings as idyllic as these, the property management opportunities are boundless. Call us today for a comprehensive market analysis of your rental property.

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