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Bee Ridge is a small town located in Sarasota County, Florida. The population is only 9,598 and the town covers just 3.9 square miles. It is a relatively safe community, with a crime rate of just 5 out of 1000 residents being victims of violent crime. In Sarasota County, there are many exciting landmarks to visit. Some of these include: the Dr. Walter Kennedy House, Big Cat Habitat, Circus Sarasota, and the Art Center Sarasota. Because of its low crime rate, proximity to attractions, and small-town feeling, Bee Ridge is a truly wonderful place to live.
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Even though it is a small town, as mentioned above, Bee Ridge lies in the middle of many exciting destinations. It definitely breaks the stigma of small towns being boring. Sarasota County is full of things to do, and there is sure to be something for everyone. There are beautiful beaches within driving distance, including Siesta Beach and Lido Key. There is also an aquarium nearby, called the Mote Marine Laboratory, so you can get familiar with the local marine life. The Sarasota Jungle Gardens offer a variety of gardens and exotic animals to explore, while the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens showcase a variety of exciting plant life. For people who love art and culture, the Art Center Sarasota is a great destination within driving distance. The Ringling Circus Museum is another great place to take the family. It has a huge variety of exhibits and relics from the history of the circus. As you can see, this town may be small, but it is definitely not lacking in excitement.

For a small town, Bee Ridge Florida has a relatively high rate of education. Approximately 39% of adults who reside there have a bachelor’s degree, and 93% have a high school diploma. It is also a relatively wealthy community, with a median household income of $54,916 and a poverty rate of just 8%. The city also skews towards an older population, with approximately 34% of residents being over 65 years old. Florida is already a retirement destination, but it is a particularly great place for retirement because it is a small, quiet town.

Property Management

This small town was founded in 1910, but significant growth did not begin until 1912-1914. It derives its name from the high amount of bee settlers found living among the dry, higher areas of land above the shore. Sitting at just 33 feet above sea level, it is definitely a coastal town. It was founded as a railroad town, with the Sea Board Air Line Railway running through it. In this time, most property management occurred around and because of the railroad line. The presence of the railroad was really great for the growth of the town, and ultimately ended up being what put it on the map. Farmers found it convenient to have a railroad running through town to transport their goods, so it became a popular place for agriculture.

Nowadays, the median home value here is approximately $252,300. If you are looking to rent, you will find that most two-bedroom apartments and homes go for around $1,376 per month. The price is higher the more bedrooms you want, and studios are by far the most affordable places to live here. There has been a 9% increase in rent over the past year, probably due to the rise of educated, higher income residents in this area. Most rentals in this area of Florida are handled by property management companies, so if you are looking to rent it is a good idea to get in contact with one of them.

The price of homes fits well within the median income of $54,916. Bee Ridge is an average, middle class small town with homes that are relatively affordable for most of its residents. It is also largely a retirement community, so many of its residents are purchasing or renting their forever home. Given the scenic beaches and fun attractions, it makes sense why people want to retire in this part of Sarasota County.

There are many beautiful historical homes in Sarasota County. These homes are full of southern charm and an old-world beauty that you can’t find in many other locations. Some of these homes are for sale and some for rent, so there is something for anyone in any financial situation. There are also many beautiful vacation rentals in the area, allowing for short or long-term stays. In order to find the right fit for you, contact Keyrenter Sarasota today.

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